Finally, Programmable Cameras, Sort Of

Sony today opened their developer program for the Camera Remote API in beta form. This is the programming interface that allows developers to create apps on smartphones and tablets that can interact with Sony's WiFi-enabled cameras. Those include the QX models recently announced, the NEX 5R, 5T and 6, the Action Cam AS15 and AS30, and the Music Video Recorder MV1. I believe the Powershots that include the Control by Smartphone option (e.g. RX100II) will also eventually be added to the supported list. 

The License Agreement for the SDK is relatively straightforward for a change. The supported APIs are currently still relatively limited, and many that Sony has been using in their PlayMemories apps are not yet present in the developer API (hopefully this will change soon, as not to open those up just means that Sony would be shooting itself in the foot while taking one step forward). On the just-opened developer forum, you can already see developer requests for new API elements. Sony supplies 11 sample Java apps that demonstrate various pieces of the API in simple form. 

Sony's Developer Site

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