The gearophile.com site is a spin-off from the bythom.com site. When I originally started bythom, I wrote a number of gadgets and gear reviews, partly because I came out of a Silicon Valley career as a gadget freak. As I got more and more involved in the high-end cameras and reporting on the bythom site, my gear writing went fallow. I also found that I hadn’t properly set up my site to be the sprawling property that it would become; it couldn’t cover everything I was interested in. After trying to tackle the problem with a massive redesign I realized that the real problem was that I really had three or four or maybe even more different Web sites that were trying to be stuffed into one. 

With that realization, in fall of 2011 I embarked on splitting the distinct elements out. This site is the fourth of the spin-outs from that project, and covers my interest in gadgets. For those of you interested in photography, I include camera phones and compact cameras in the “gadget and gear” categories, so you’ll find that I’ve begun moving my compact camera reviews here from the bythom site, and they’ll continue to be done here in the future.

Right now gearophile.com is still a one-person operation (or part-of-a-person operation, since it's just one of the many projects I work on). Over time, I hope to change that and add other voices and other interesting content to the mix. I hope you enjoy what I've done. Be sure to let me know how I'm doing from time to time.

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